Is A Scorpio Man Fighting His Feelings For You: Discover the Surprising Signs He’s Holding Back!

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I discovered my love for astrology at a young age when my grandmother gifted me my first zodiac book. Since then, my fascination with the stars and the influence they have on our lives has only grown.

It can be challenging to decipher the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you. Since Scorpios generally hold a discreet and mysterious temperament, they are often the most challenging zodiac to read. 

Since Scorpio men have difficulty being vulnerable, you must stay patient with them and approach them with understanding and sensitivity if they open up to you.

While it may take a while for a Scorpio man to show his true feelings, when they do, you will not be disappointed, and it’ll be almost impossible to get rid of them.

But be careful. Breaking a Scorpio’s heart may lead to vengeance and despair on your part. 

A Scorpio Man in Love

At first, you may never know if a Scorpio man is genuinely interested in or falling for you; this is mainly because they like their privacy and often keep all feelings hidden.

A Scorpio man in love will become fixated on the relationship and only be happy if things unfold in the way they expect. 

However, a Scorpio man’s biggest downfall is the inability to trust other people, which is why they may become possessive or jealous without you noticing.

Most water signs hide their emotions from others, but when you get them to fully trust you and be secure, a Scorpio man in love could be everything you both need. 

What Are the Positive Aspects of Being in a Relationship With a Scorpio Man?

Scorpios are all-or-nothing thinkers. They believe in the intensity of things. Scorpio men are mainly active go-getters seeking independence and adventure in themselves and their mates.

Some of the main pros to dating a Scorpio are:

  • They’re insanely passionate
  • Decisive 
  • Amazing lovers
  • They’re not afraid of a challenge, and to challenge you
  • Intimacy and closeness
  • Adore close and intense bonds (what’s underneath the surface?)
  • Intuitive

Falling for or having a Scorpio man fall for you is one of the most challenging of the zodiac, though the most rewarding experience.

When a Scorpio fully indulges his time, patience, and energy on you, he expects the same in return but will have you feeling like a queen as he’ll always put you first. 

What Are Negative Aspects of Being in a Relationship With a Scorpio Man?

The cons to dating a Scorpio man may seem intimidating at first glance, but with time, communication, and understanding, the cons will become less of a threat which will turn into the very things you adore about him. Some cons are:

  • Arguments can get out of hand – it goes hand-in-hand with being intense and passionate.
  • They’re the “Superman” of the zodiac – doing everything themselves and being anyone for you.
  • Possessive – you are theirs, and they are yours. That’s it.
  • Overbearing – what makes them cute can also be annoying as they put forth 100% in everything they do.
  • Secretive and paranoid – comes with intuition and the inability to trust easily.
  • No problem leaving you – without second-guessing (decisive attitude)

The Scorpio tests his love interests on different levels to see if they fit into his life perfectly.

Although the cons may seem pretty intense, a Scorpio man needs to feel secure in his friendship before ever genuinely being 100% with you.

Your job as a potential lover is to teach him boundaries and show him you are not a threat. 

What Are Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting His Feelings?

Scorpios are notorious for staying in control. Scorpios make their decisions based on facts and speculation, so one of the first signs a Scorpio man is fighting feelings for you is his inability to stay focused and in control. 

If you notice a Scorpio fidgeting or trying to communicate his words with intent or hesitation, it’s because he struggles between being vulnerable and closing himself off. 

Other signs a Scorpio man is falling for you are:

  • His words and body language do not match – he hesitates to speak freely while he gazes at you or looks away shyly.
  • He’ll do subtle sweet things like drop lunch off at your work and act as if it’s no big deal. 
  • He’ll openly talk to you above others without noticing or wanting to. When he catches himself, he may recluse.
  • He wants your opinion. Establishing trust
  • He shows a protective side when another man is around him.
  • Shows a bipolar attitude – one minute, he’s hot on you; the next, you’re getting a cold shoulder. Due to the inability to be vulnerable. 
  • He’ll test you by asking you hypothetical questions to feel secure.
  • He’ll shy away from talking about his feelings.
  • When he finally does open up, he’ll reveal tidbits about himself and act cold after to see how you react. 

What To Do When a Scorpio Man is Struggling to Open Up?

While it may seem like the Scorpio man is trying to push you away, he’s not.

He’s battling clear signs of falling for you deep within himself. If a Scorpio wants to be vulnerable, they will, but they need to know that they can trust you with their thoughts and feelings. 

For a Scorpio man, being honest takes strength and bravery. The worst thing you can do is portray your opinions and force your beliefs onto them when they’re finally vulnerable.

Some things you can do to allow space for your Scorpio man to be open with you are:

  • Discuss your feelings while holding no pressure that he also needs to share.
  • When he does share, don’t press for more but show gratitude towards the topic.
  • Ask questions about his family, interests, and hobbies (slowly)
  • Make the first move without expectations
  • Be subtle with your affections while waiting for him to open up
  • Show him your world (introduce family, friends, hobbies, etc.)
  • Plan adventurous dates for the two of you
  • Be a friend first

How To Make a Scorpio Man Feel Secure

Since Scorpio men can be hot and cold, you’ll likely wonder if they even want you or if you’ve just fallen in love with a psychopath.

Scorpio men don’t try to play mind games, so you need to keep in mind that it’s not personal. 

Scorpio men are secure in themselves but struggle with being secure with someone else – hence their secretive and mysterious behavior – they’re just in their own way. 

The best thing you can do to make a Scorpio man feel more secure is to help them get out of their own head.

This takes much patience, putting yourself out there, and staying 100% genuine through whatever barrier he comes up with. 

More things you can do are:

  • Let him be in control (but place solid boundaries)
  • Keep the fire alive
  • Ask for his advice when you’re unsure about the two of you.
  • Be communicative when it comes to his personality and your needs
  • Listen to his wants, desires, and needs with your full attention.
  • Let him win the cat-and-mouse game, little bits at a time.
  • Don’t have sex with him right away. Wait until he can be fully open with you (he’ll respect you more)
  • Support his crazy ideas and add silly remarks to his ideas

What To Expect If a Scorpio Man Is Falling for You

As complex and deep as a Scorpio man can be, they are also straightforward in showing affection and how they live their lives. Since Scorpios are decisive, they tend to make a decision and go for it all the way – stopping at nothing. 

So, if there are signs a Scorpio man is fighting feelings for you, make him feel secure by speaking about your feelings first and allowing him to open up on his own.

Once he finally does open up, and you don’t knock his ego, he’ll trust even more the next time he tries. 

Spin a few of these conversations together, and you can expect a budding romance where you feel his love intensely and at full speed. Once a Scorpio man starts falling for you, there’s no stopping it. Scorpios are supermen who like to challenge and take everything on at full speed. 

This is where you need the most boundaries, as they also need to realize it’s not just about their pace but yours. 

What Are Some Challenges of Trying to Get a Scorpio Man To Be Vulnerable?

Having a Scorpio fall for you will be a breeze if you’re patient. Gaining the trust and love of a Scorpio man has its challenges, such as playing the empathy card instead of setting tough-love boundaries.

Some days you’ll question if this is the right time to seek his attention or find yourself masterminding your way around his personality. 

Whatever the struggle, know that all you can do is be yourself and understand the reasons he struggles, which are:

  • Every Scorpio has trust issues
  • He was hurt before 
  • He’s uncomfortable with his feelings
  • He doesn’t know how to show how he feels
  • He’s shy
  • He’s testing you before he commits
  • He’s an overthinker who analyzes everything
  • He’s afraid you’ll use him or invalidate his feelings
  • He’s not quite there yet and doesn’t know how to take things further
  • He wants to appear as icy cold because he believes feelings make you weak
  • He’s not ready to commit 
  • He’s making sure you’re the one
  • He’s battling protectiveness vs. friendship
  • He doesn’t want to be possessive or jealous of you, so he believes he is protecting you from himself. 

Tips for Keeping a Scorpio Man

Now that you learned the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you, you’ll want to know some tips to keep him interested.

The thing about Scorpio men is that when you peel back the layers of their hard exterior, you’ll find that they are one of the most sensitive, authentic, and passionate people you’ll ever meet.

The pros of having a dedicated and independent man are that you’ll never have to guess where you stand with them, which adds security to your relationship.

Below is a list of things you can do to keep your man.

Keep Things Interesting

Scorpio men love entertainment and get bored quickly with a stagnant relationship. So, when he asks to go for a drive, say yes.

If he asks you to do something you don’t want to, offer a different suggestion rather than turning the whole idea down.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable

Since a Scorpio’s biggest weakness is being vulnerable and open, you’ll have to take the lead. Vulnerability is about trusting someone who is not afraid, to be honest, and will not use it against you.

The more you open up, the more chances he’ll feel secure to do the same.

Be Romantic and Sensual

Scorpio men are passionate individuals who guard their hearts. Once their love is validated, they become a wholly different individual, which you’ll love to see the side of.

Scorpios love adventure in their life, so adding spice to the bedroom will keep them interested and engaged. 

Don’t Always Be Available

Give the guy a challenge. Only sometimes be available to him; otherwise, he’ll think you’re desperate.

On the other hand, you don’t want to make him feel like you never have time for him. Try to balance your time with your Scorpio man.

Let Him Take the Lead

Ultimately, you can gain a Scorpio’s security by letting him take the lead. If he’s being silly, laugh with him, not at him, and contribute to his weirdness.

If he’s being dark and twisted, see how far he’s willing to take it by progressing the conversation the same way you’d play the game chicken. If he’s being down-to-earth and serious, match his energy.

Talk About the Future

To get a Scorpio man to feel that you are serious in your relationship, you can open up about your future goals and expectations.

It will give you a plus in his books and create an excellent opportunity for him to open up. 

Compliment Him

Boost your Scorpio guy’s ego by complimenting him. Since Scorpios are intuitive, you can’t just compliment his looks; he’ll see through it as a ploy to win him over.

Instead, listen to his interests, observe what he’s good at, and compliment his character with facts and validation behind your words. 

Communicate Intellectually

Communication is critical to having a successful relationship with the Scorpio man. The average Scorpio guy is well-rehearsed in his vocabulary, so when discussing points of interest, dive further into detail about each topic.

Scorpios are attracted to intelligent women.

Spend Quality Time Together

A Scorpio guy will treasure memories if you actively engage in spending one-on-one time with him, whether it’s just watching movies or going for drives listening to loud music. It’ll make him feel important.

Stay 100% Open and Honest

Genuinity is your guy’s biggest weakness. Your Scorpio man is not looking for a love interest who believes in society just because she’s supposed to.

If you develop your own mind and have your own thoughts backing up your morals and interests, your Scorpio guy will hold respect and love for you. 

Final Thoughts

Scorpios are challenging to read at times until they let you in. Once you have gained their trust and affection through patience and compassion, it can only go uphill.

Be careful, though, because if you react to any signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you negatively, he is also the first zodiac to turn his back without question. 

If you stay genuine, love fully, and give him space and respect, you’re sure to have a never-ending positive love life with the Scorpio man of your dreams. 

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