How to Attract a Scorpio Man: Unlocking the Secrets to Captivate His Heart

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Written By Emma Kelley

I discovered my love for astrology at a young age when my grandmother gifted me my first zodiac book. Since then, my fascination with the stars and the influence they have on our lives has only grown.

Perhaps one of the most reserved and independent of the signs, a Scorpio man is the most mysterious and motivated of the zodiac.

Aside from being primarily into themselves, when you peel back the layers of a Scorpio man, he can be very charming, upfront with his feelings, and undeniably compassionate.

While figuring out how to get a Scorpio man’s attention may be challenging, their focus is not simply on having a relationship.

In this article, you’ll learn how to attract a Scorpio man, win their affection, and thrive in your (hopefully) soon-to-be partnership. 

Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpios are water signs ruled by the planet Pluto. That explains why they have a mysterious and dark side, as Pluto is the farthest planet from the sun. 

A Scorpio’s dark side is one not to mess with as they are incredibly smart and seldom hold back their blunt, honest nature, which makes it difficult for them to forgive easily.

On the plus side, you’ll never have to guess if a Scorpio man is into you, as they take their time to understand and analyze every relationship in their life.

Their love is unlike the other zodiacs, as they see things in an ‘all-or-nothing’ pattern. 

So, what are some general things to know about a Scorpio man?

  • They’re intuitive
  • Their emotions are intensified by their curious nature
  • They’re monogamous and committed when there’s a reason to stay
  • They admire someone who can carry themselves efficiently on their own
  • They value honesty above all else
  • He’ll lose interest if they think you’re trying too hard.


The average Scorpio has many strengths in their personality, including honesty, hard work, resilience, and compassion.

When it comes to love, their strengths are:

  • Extremely loyal
  • Great and dark sense of humor
  • They are very passionate about everything they do
  • Devoted to family
  • High libido


The average Scorpio tends to be closed-off, quick to temper, aggressive or offensive and lacks trust and communication skills.

As a lover, their weaknesses involve:

  • Jealousy
  • Possessiveness
  • Impatience (at first)
  • Secretiveness (keeps to himself)
  • Impulsiveness

What Attracts Scorpio Men?

The Scorpio man likes a challenge that he knows he can win. If you were to fall at his feet, he’d see it as weakness and only engage as far as the bedroom. 

If you were to show him flirtatious mastery, and cunning humor that keeps his interest but creates boundaries, he’ll see it as a sign of respect. 

Scorpio men are all about the cat-and-mouse chase, the thrill of what’s to come, and how hard they must work to gain your affection vs. the actions you put into giving to him.

Once you have him, he’ll likely close into himself if the relationship becomes less entertaining. 

Common Turn-Offs for a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are naturally adventurous, ambitious, and curious, so there’s nothing like a stagnant relationship that sends them running for the hills.

That’s different from saying they need to be entertained 24/7, as they are sensitive introverts who value space. 

They are drawn to the give-and-take method, with their main turn-offs being:

Controlling and Possessive Natures

There’s nothing like asking him a bunch of questions that’ll make him instantly question you back. You trust him; he’ll trust you.

Sexual Withhold

Scorpio men have solid libidos and actively seek reassurance and passion in their sex life.

If you withhold, he’ll stay loyal but battle the meaning of your relationship.


A partner who is insecure with a Scorpio man means they cannot hold their own and need reassurance at every turn. That can anger the sign as they see it as childish behavior. 

Being anti-social

It’s okay if you’re an introvert and don’t want to engage with the outside world.

Being anti-social with a Scorpio man will have him questioning your interest in him and second-guessing your relationship.  

Common Turn-Ons for a Scorpio Man

Remember that this sign values intimacy and closeness when considering how to attract a Scorpio man.

Scorpio men actively engage in their mysterious exterior and personal disposition. 

Keep him guessing with tidbits of personal information, and he’ll be left wanting more out of general curiosity. 

But what turns a Scorpio man on?


The first answer to “What do Scorpio males find attractive” is uniqueness. A Scorpio man loses control of his senses when he is curious. 

If you can show him you’re confident in your own skin and don’t care what other people think, then being unapologetically yourself is the key to his heart.

A Good Listener 

On the rare chance a Scorpio man lets you in (even a little bit), he’ll grow respect and honor for someone who listens to his needs, wants, and interests. 

Positively Full of Life 

Are you ready for a wild ride? Whether he’s testing your commitment level of trust or asking you personal questions, being passionate about what you do, how you love, and your outlook on life will significantly improve his affection. 

How Can I Tell if a Scorpio Man Is Interested in Me?

One thing is knowing the answer to questions like, “What are Scorpio men attracted to?”.

But being able to tell if they’re interested in you can be challenging due to their secrecy and ‘closed-off’ persona. 

While it may be subtle initially, the Scorpio man finds it quite difficult to hide their affections. Some clear sign he’s into you is:

It’s in the Eyes

Do you catch him watching you? Not in a way where he glances and seems unphased but in a mysterious way like he blushes as if he’s just been caught looking in your direction.

He’s Genuinely Interested

Unlike other zodiac signs, the Scorpio is highly reserved. 

So, if he shows an interest in what you’re talking about – beyond the niceties – he’s interested. Think along the lines of asking you questions, chuckling to himself, and wonder in his eyes. 

Notice the Subtle Shift in Body Language

Mirroring movements are a clear sign of interest in many individuals. However, a Scorpio man will make his movements intent – like he wants you to know he’s closing in on you. 

Thankfully, that won’t have you feeling uncomfortable or trapped. 

Rather, their hands will move slightly closer to yours. Or, he’ll shift his body in your direction when you speak. 

You’re the Only One

As opposed to other interests, he’s specifically interested in you when he finds you in a room and intends to speak with you. A Scorpio man can have many love interests, but when he’s all in, he’ll make it known by treating you a little more special than anyone else. 

Things To Avoid To Attract a Scorpio Man?

A Scorpio man wants to know he can trust you, and with trust comes dependability and openness. It’s easy to get lost in a deeper connection with a Scorpio, but it’s just as easy to lose that affection you’ve tried so hard to keep.

Here are something you should definitely avoid when attracting a Scorpio man:

Pry/Become Pushy

Scorpios love their secrets, so being pushy to have them open up to you is a new level of disgust for them. Patience is vital, as they’ll grow at ease once they realize they have nothing to hide from you.

While this might seem like most men, Scorpios are notorious for making their love interest wait longer than average to understand who they are.

Remember, it’s not you; it’s who they are.

Don’t Challenge His Affection for You

While every Scorpio man loves a challenge, they’re surprisingly the most sensitive of the zodiac. Often, they can come off as jealous or possessive, though they would hate for the actions to be turned onto them. 

If you want to be successful in learning how to approach a Scorpio man, you need not make them feel replaceable. 

Jealousy and possessiveness only happen when they feel as if they’ve been led on or wronged by you. Otherwise, they’re genuinely compassionate and empathetic. 

Never Lie

Honesty is of utmost importance to the Scorpio man, so to be caught in a lie is one of the worst things you can do to their ego. They find it challenging to open up and communicate with others on a deeper level. 

Lying will immediately banish all efforts of interest and is a big no when considering conundrums like “What does a Scorpio man find attractive?” 

Don’t Judge

It’s okay to mock his behaviors once, but doing it twice in the same sentence or going on about it constantly will instantly bruise his ego, in which case he’ll become impatient with you quickly. 

Scorpios can take a joke, but to be judged is to feel cornered, resulting in a lack of respect and trust for who he sees you. 

It’s Not About Winning

Due to being a water sign, the Scorpio man likes to level the playing field and will fight a fair fight. However, the minute you strike an argument as unkind or unfair, he’ll likely spit venom into your soul as an insult no other zodiac can do. 

So, if you want to learn how to win over a Scorpio man, remember Scorpio men enjoy the uniqueness and will challenge you to voice your opinion. They won’t tolerate either of you having the last word to ‘win’ an argument.

It’s not about winning but coming to an agreement and moving on. 

6 Ways To Win a Scorpio Man’s Heart

One of a Scorpio man’s most intimidating and charming traits is impeccable self-control. When they set their mind to something, it’s almost impossible to get them to do anything different. 

Scorpio men like to learn through feeling and interpretation. They are sensitive signs that rarely trust but hold strong beliefs and morals, which only the right kind of person will be able to unravel. 

But how to win a Scorpio man’s heart?

Allow Him Into Your Circle

A Scorpio man will judge you based on how you treat others – especially your family. 

If there’s nothing else that impresses a Scorpio man more, it’s that you allow him into your circle of trust. Not just with yourself, but also with your friends. 

Since they value family and close relationships the most, they are the most loyal companions. Due to their secret and dark side, they also need to know they can trust you. 

Patience Is Key

For most of your efforts, you’ll likely find yourself listening, interpreting, and communicating your words intellectually and carefully with a Scorpio man. 

If it’s anything but dishonest or ingenuine, they will pick up on your intent (due to their intuitive side) and immediately look the other way. In contrast, he’ll feel brave enough to open up if you’re patient and real with him. 

Show Self-Respect

How to impress a Scorpio man? Self-respect, self-awareness, security, and confidence are all traits that will draw this sign to you. 

Since they already have many things going on in their head, the last thing they want is to feel as though it’s their responsibility to build you up. 

Instead, a Scorpio man will honor that you hold the presence of not needing him but wanting him and being okay if he’s busy. To a Scorpio man, self-respect means you can care for yourself and create firm boundaries that represent who you are. 

Let Him ‘Save You’

Every man on the planet enjoys a little ‘saving’ as they need to feel needed due to their manly instinct to protect and provide. The Scorpio man will see right through a needy companion who requires too much attention. 

If he offers help, rather than saying, “I’ve got it” (because you know you don’t need him), say, “Sure, I’d love the help.” It’ll show him you want to spend time with him and that you’re acting vulnerable. 

Play Into the Cat-Mouse Game

Every Scorpio likes a good chase. Yet, unlike other men from the zodiac, Scorpios need a challenging, innovative cat-and-mouse game. 

For example, reveal just enough to leave them intrigued when spending time together. Although he’ll likely try to push quickly, he’ll respect you more for keeping your secrets later. 

The game doesn’t end when you’ve got him, so finding exciting ways to engage with him during your relationship is a bonus.

Show Your Dark Side

Most Zodiac signs can’t handle a sarcastic joke or a twisted sense of humor. However, a Scorpio man pushes the limits between sarcastic and twisted. 

If you can share your dark side with a Scorpio man, he’ll be impressed and know that you’re not one to get offended easily. Ultimately, showing your dark side will prove to him that you can handle and match his own personality.

Final Thoughts

So, how to attract a Scorpio man?

It’s all about the approach and intention you give off. At first, you’ll want to entice him with little tidbits about yourself while engaging in his cat-and-mouse game. 

Make sure he thinks he’s winning before diving into a deeper level of interest. Scorpios are the most mysterious, intense, and sensitive of the zodiac and value uniqueness, respect independence, and adore dark and defensive humor.

The most important thing to remember is that Scorpio men are attracted to ingenuity. So, be 100% yourself without giving in to him too much. 

Most importantly, do what feels most natural to you. The Scorpio man will sense your authenticity and love you even more for it. 

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